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Seities Gallery is aimed at providing a community hub for all things analogue photography. We collaborate with other arts organization to exhibit and display international and national photographers. We also are able to exclusive sell the art work of our contributing artists. Seities artists are of the highest calibre and prestige. We also aim to provide a place for entering artists to learn and connect with other artists.

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Relive our wonderful launches, collaborations, & pop-up exhibitions

We sell a select few artist prints in Calgary, Alberta. Please check out our online gallery if you are interested in collecting one of these limited edition prints

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Our Gallery lives online but we often host exhibitions and pop-up shows within the city of Calgary, Alberta. We also collaborate with other arts organizations to bring traditional photography to you.

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We aim to be a community hub for all things analogue photography. If you are looking for information or art work related to traditional photography, please contact us!

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“I think it’s necessary for an artist to share his work – in the sense that we all try to tell something or show our perspective.”


Jaroslaw Jarema

“Regardless of the potential monetary reward that more importantly, the recognition for my creativity and subject perception and technical skills to bring these to the forefront.”

Brian Wing